Sunday, March 8, 2015

Charitable gift choices are the new way to give back!
3/08/2015 by Paula Stewart CEO of Get My Wish
There are many people who are wondering about what their family members, co-workers and friends want for special functions or occasions? They spend so much time and money on selecting and buying the gifts. There is plenty of money being wasted on gifts that family, co-workers and friends never use. They stored these gifts in a closet and after a long time they find gift again and then they give them to charity. Well, nowadays charitable gift choices are the new way to give back. But the main question is how the way people are gifting is evolving with charitable wish lists and products that give back?

With Get My Wish everyone can buy their favorite gifts or add your gift ideas in your profile wish list and these gifts can give back to the communities. There are many social  programs are running under the umbrella of Get My Wish website, you can buy or gifts for your loved ones and give back to social programs such as

·         Plan spread the net

·         School Essentials for one child

·         Clean water for families

·         Give a goat for families

·         Assist and build well for class

·         Get his / her to school safely

·         Assist the most needed persons

·         Fight against the hunger in USA (Operation Sandwich)

·         Kid’s literacy contribution

·         Helping the orphaned in girls in India in order to get them school

·         Malnourished kids super nutrition program

·         Help the Ebola epidemic

·         Fight against the world hunger

·         AIDs orphan program

·         Support grow program

·         School breakfast for kids

·         Pet therapy

·         Water purify program in Tanzania

·         Bed nets for Haiti and Africa

·         Paperback (Global girl friends)

Some gifts that you can add in your profile wish list and can give back also are given below:

Baby or Youth gifts

·         Wipes

·         New baby bottles

·         Kids toys and diapers.

·         Strollers

·         Car seats

·         Clothing and shoes

·         Educational videos and books

Home Gifts

·         Bedding

·         Fans

·         Sheets and blankets

·         Pillows

·         Pans / pots

·         Cleaning supplies

·         Hand or bath or kitchen towels

·         Sports games

·         Swifter

·         Furniture

·         Crafts and paint supplies

·         Decor

Men Gifts

·         Cosmetic products

·         Sports accessories

·         Shoes

·         Clothes

·         Gifts by interests

Woman Gifts

·         Cosmetics

·         Designer clothes

·         Handbags and jewelry

·         Shoes

·         Gifts by occasion or interest.

Special Occasion Gifts

·         Balloons

·         Flowers

·         Cards

·         Chocolates

·         Gift Baskets

The sale of all these gift items contributes to many charities and causes. Give up your special occasion for a cause or just create the perfect list that gives back. Join Get My Wish and start changing the world one gift at a time!


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