Monday, January 20, 2014

Gift Giving Tips to Make Your Experience a Breeze!

As the CEO of Get My Wish I have the best job in the world, pursuing my passion and helping people through their gift-giving crisis.

But I have to admit that the most demanding and rewarding job is being a “MOM.” I love to see the world through my little girl’s eyes and discover that there are no rules in their little world. Babies and kids act merely by instinct.  

My eldest is almost four, and I recently asked her what she wanted for her upcoming birthday. She told me she just wanted, “A BIG GIFT!!!” Ha! That’s easy, right? Her wish list only had that one request A BIG GIFT!!! J (I guess kids associate big gifts with something special or out of the ordinary…)

So if you are like my daughter it should be an easy job, but for most people finding a gift can be stressful and time consuming. Here are some great tips to make it easy and stress free:

1.      Ask for a Wish List

If they don’t have a wish list ask them to make one for you and the other guests who will be attending the event. is the easiest way to make a cute personalized wish list for any occasion, and get to know your friends’ and family’s wishes and interests. It’s also easy to share your wish lists online using your favorite social media networks.

2.      Ask Other People What Their Interests Are

If a wish list is not available then I’d suggest gifts that are related to their hobbies and interests. Facebook can be a great way to find out more, without revealing that you’re trying to find the perfect gift.

3.      Stick to Your Budget

There is nothing more stressful than over spending! Check for coupons online or simply buy the generic version of the same item, not the name brand (but do your research!).

4.      Buy the Gift When You See It

If you see something that you think they will love, BUY IT RIGHT AWAY! It may not be available next time you look for it. Just make sure it can be returned in case you need to take it back.

5.      Start a Gift Ideas Closet

It is helpful to have your own closet of gift ideas for last minute gifting. You can also go to our PARTNERS to check out ideas or shoot us an email. We can help you find any gift easily and within your budget. Just ask our Gift Concierge!

Paula Stewart
CEO Get My Wish