Monday, July 7, 2014

Top Gift Picks for a Modern Woman

A modern woman has countless needs nowadays and very little time...juggling work, home and kids and your every day life is full.

Today we want to introduce our "Muse" Charissa Lauren, CEO of Pretty Living PR. CEO, Publicist, Writer. Any more info about her can be found at or at her other fabulous company.

We asked her about her top gift picks for a modern woman and here it is her list below.

Every modern working woman ‘Pretty Professional’ needs:

   1. The Little Black Dress by White Haute Fashions 2. A go-to pair of flats, via Indigenous Boutique 3.  Business card holders, via Pink Sugar Crystals   4. Cross-body Handbag, via Accessory Fanatic 5. Bath and Body Soap Cupcake, via Cutie Pitutie Bath & Body 6.   Statement Cocktail Ring, via Aw Else Boutique

   She also created a wish list to share with her friends and family:


   Charissa wanted to share her picks with Get My
   Wish and with you. If you have a wish list that  you want to share email us now.

   Happy wishing!
   Paula Stewart 
   CEO Get My Wish

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